The Durt Bag Company

The Durt Bag Company

Preserving a decade of fun..!

From Creator Jay DeYoe

Hello, my name is Jay DeYoe and I am 77 years old now, but 35 years ago I invented a river float – we called it a Durt Bag . I got it patented and I got it trademarked and the idea really took off. We had a huge Durt Bag Rental in Gold Hill Oregon. We sold Durt Bags in California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Florida, Washington, Oregon and just every place. They were great! So I am offering these videos on this website so you can see what went on in Gold Hill Oregon 35 years ago.

No one is currently manufacturing the Durt Bags but at some point in time, I’m researching the possibility of creating a set of plans so you can build your own home-made Durt Bag. Thank you for visiting.

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