Great Durt Bag Race History

The excitement of a race with a great big party for everyone and lots of prizes for the winners is the thought behind “The Great Durt Bag Race.”

In ’85, the year the Durt Bag was born, the race was from Gold Hill to Rogue River. Eighty-one participants vied for the $1,000 first prize that year with Ralph Sawyer of Sawyer Products in Rogue River taking the honors and Davie Dean and Harvey Van Patten close behind. The winning time for the 8-mile course was 1:28:22.

In ’86, over the same course, Sawyer won it again in 1:22:28 with Van patten only 35 seconds behind at 1:23:03. Lyle Whiting was 18 seconds behind Van Patten for 3rd place. Lyle Annis, 7th in ’85, moved up to 4th.

Sandy Davis of Rogue River showed everyone what the ladies can do. Her time of 1:27:13, better than the first year’s winning time by a minute and 9 seconds, won her 5th place and made Durt Bag history!

1987’s race from Gold Hill to Riverside Park at Grants Pass with a portage at Savage Rapids Dam near the City of Rogue River is a true 27 K Silver Bullet Marathon. All who cross the finish line can be proud of their accomplishments!

The 3rd Annual Great Durt Bag Race promises to be greater than ever for racers and spectators alike. Seventy-five cash prizes for the racers! A car, a color TV, several Durt Bags and other merchandise for the lucky ticket holders in a drawing after the trophy and cash awards ceremony! Music, refreshments, food crafts, and other exhibits and special entertainment will be featured in the part during and after the race.

Coors Light, KTMT 93, the Durt Bag Company and all the Durt Bag Race supporters in this program join in welcoming you for a fun-filled day on our own justly famous Rogue River, everyone’s passport to adventure.


The Great Durt Bag Race
The Great Durt Bag Race